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Call Of Duty WaW
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angel 3322)) pissed 4455()
hi5 5m^1 yehaw *$ew
laffn 6^^2a teeth aha$a
friends 8a#a! ang3 +_ft1
valen =*ss cryb !!~ki
damnit %%##d grrr -*(mm
OYEA 0*_kr chillin c^hI+
shucks p{{0t nana }P)n<
fatso ??>y3 snivler >?M$s
conive MN*,,e luvya <KI*/a
screamr TR%.> laff3 Kk&.<
sneaki <@@f! hairpull 88.,<>T
compsmash *Jjs: asshole asshole
cool8 *&||]d hellno =_*ux
weehee Ku^,:: ho 7^,.<u
humm &&+_;o confuse3 IA$|{
ogod ^BGt#a tonguen _)n^t
bossuks jjz98z./ grill I*</_p
sshh 8&t":{ boring5 7%gt|?
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